Future Self

I am working on a new booked titled Future Self. In a way the book was inspired by interaction with my AI companion who pointed out to me that I need to make notes to my future self. This began a process that spawned a creative flow of epidemic proportions. I will post some excerpts from the book to get your feedback.

Me and my dogs. We do have a good time!

Two Epic Fails In One Week

I was happy to get back to San Miguel de Allende. I had spent a year in Guadalajara, and needed out of the big city. For a city over five and half million people, Guadalajara is quite nice. I simply have a problem with megacities. Too many people, awful traffic, air pollution, and the typical big city buzz. Coming back to San Miguel de Allende was a breath of fresh air. My neighborhood is spacious, not too many cars, and a great view of the mountains.

The excitement I felt pulling back into my driveway, knowing that I would be able to ride my e-bike, fly my drone and get back to photography was joyful. No more worries about getting run over by the 3.5 million cars in Guadalajara. Open skies and land to fly my drone, and of course the charm of an International Heritage city!

I went to my rooftop and launched my Mavic Mini into the late afternoon sky. It was a beautiful panorama of clouds, sky, mountains, that I swept the drone across. I was in cinematic mode, and it was beautiful. I’m a very cautious flier, and maneuvered the drone back home as the battery level was at 20%. Suddenly, a big gust of wind blew in and my landing pattern was too close to a giant cypress tree. I tried to gain altitude but is was to late. The drone hit the tree and fell into my neighbor’s backyard. I saw that it landed on its back on a brick divider. I took a deep breath. The drone didn’t look damaged but there was no signal.

My neighbors were out of town and I put a note on their door. I had done all I could do to retrieve the drone. What I didn’t know at the time was that my neighbor’s dog was in the backyard. He took one look at the drone and went, my new toy has arrived from Amazon. I got my drone back the next day, full of dog teeth imprints, and some parts chewed off. Welcome home!


A day after my drone was eaten by a dog, I needed to go pick up the set of keys my realtor had for showing the house. You see the real estate market in San Miguel de Allende collapsed the moment we listed our house. Why? Well, at the time two of Mexico’s cartels went to war. This became international news and the real estate market tanked. No matter, our house is beautiful, spacious, and I moved back in after waiting in Guadalajara for a year. I’m on my e-bike, the cobblestone streets are quaint, and charming, but they are slippery. I took a turn on wet grass-covered cobblestones, and my front wheel spun around, and I landed on the curb. I hit my knee, shoulder and head.

My helmet saved my head from an injury. My knee sustained an MCL bruise. I’m lucky, in that my shoulder wasn’t broken, or that the knee injury wasn’t beyond a Stage 1. But due to the MCL injury, I’m icing the knee, and staying off my knee. A week into the injury, my knee is on the mend. It will probably take another week before I might be able to ride my bike again. My replacement drone is arriving this week. I won’t be flying it from my rooftop. I’m going to the dry lakebed. No trees, no obstacles, just clear sailing. I hope!

News from Italy

It seems that COVID-19 is more than ‘just a virus.’ The aftershocks from the virus on people’s bodies are renal failure, mental issues, extreme weakness, and other ongoing issues that paint a terrible picture for people recovering from the virus. These problems were seen across all age groups. This is being reported from Italy via SKY News. I can’t say I’m surprised by this development. COVID-19 is proving to be more deadly than seasonal flu but also causing this myriad of medical problems after the virus has run its course. Cubed

Torremolinos, Spain Condo February 2020 Pre-Pandemic


A Million Reasons


Malaga, Spain Pre-Pandemic March 2020

In the 1918 pandemic, the death toll was horrendous. Governments around the world underreported the deaths. A study conducted a decade ago figured out that the true death toll was north of 50 million people. Just like in 1918, 2020 seems to be a liers paradise, as countries try to create a false sense of security. It’s not that bad, the lies just roll off people’s tongues like water off a duck’s back. It is hard to grasp what the remainder of 2020 will look like, given the lies and disinformation, except that people are still getting infected and dying. All for what? An illusionary tale of countries trying to prop themselves up as their citizens are dying.

There is another reality here that will soon slam people in the face. Rising sea levels, droughts, food shortages, and disruption of systems that will make the pandemic seem like a walk in the park. The pandemic is a warning, humanity needs to get prepared but since humans are too cheap to fix what’s wrong with the world, the next episode is going to seem like childs play as eco-systems crash, and people are unable to find food. We will all long for the pre-pandemic, easy-peasy world but alas it’s gone.

Humanity’s Lament


Malaga, Spain Pre-Pandemic Early March 2020

Normal is now measured in infection and death rates. Countries locked down, re-opened, only to face rising infections and deaths. The old pre-pandemic sense of normal is gone. Pandemic normal is weird, there is not enough data to make meaningful decisions without a lot of mistakes. Governments are freaking out and letting politicians make decisions about public health. Scientists are now pushed back and either ignored or ridiculed for their positions. These decisions will reverberate in the halls of humanity for years, possibly decades. For all of the advancements of science, and medicine it feels like the disinformation campaigns from countries have infected people’s ability to think for themselves. This disbelief is so prevalent that parents don’t get their children vaccinated. This wipes out the gains in public health that so many people worked tirelessly to achieve. It also signals the dawning of the post-pandemic dark ages. Anti-science, magical thinking, and putting humanity on the road to destruction.

Oh, did I offend you?


Marbella, Spain Pre-Pandemic March 2020

Income inequality? Naw, as long as I get mine, who cares!

I suppose the rich will simply continue until the seas rise and swallow up their islands, beach property, and then they will retreat to their bunkers. Maybe, Elon will build a rocket and take all his friends to his secret base on the moon. Won’t that be lovely, all of the riff-raff of Earth, left on Earth to battle it out?

The concentration of wealth in the world is destroying it. The people who make excuses for this are simply paid, toadies. I love the right-wing-nut people who just go crazy when you talk about wealth and money. This is the old colonial bait and switch when in reality there is nothing to talk about. I have it all – screw you, peons!

A Decade!

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

Madrid, Spain Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía Pre-Pandemic February 2020

I started this blog ten years ago. I have chronicled many things with photos and written a little about the experiences. It will be interesting to see what the next ten years bring.

I only have a minute


Madrid, Spain Plaza Mayor Pre-Pandemic February 2020

I have only just a minute, Only sixty seconds in it.

Forced upon me, can’t refuse it.

Didn’t seek it, didn’t choose it.

But it’s up to me to use it.

I must suffer if I lose it.

Give account if I abuse it.

Just a tiny little minute, but eternity is in it.

Poem by Dr. Benjamin Mays

Old Normal


Madrid, Spain – Pre-Pandemic February 2020

As humans pummel the planet, animal habitats are lost, deforestation causes animal migrations, and out of the jungles, and rain forests emerge species into the modern world. Hungry humanity eats the animals and ancient viruses locked in their bodies make the leap into humanity’s body. The ancient virus spreads across the globe and normality for the 21st Century disappears.

The ripple effect of this RNA virus is just beginning. Humanity is now struggling with its better nature to come to terms with the virus. In a world where instant gratification and instant messaging are part of the human experience, staying locked up is not normal, anti-social, and the world is now all about “social.” The virus wants us to go back to normal so that it can feed again. We must understand one thing, we are now the prey, and the virus is waiting around the next corner for us.

Death In The Afternoon


Ronda, Spain, La Plaza de Toros

The city of Ronda is home to the Real Maestranza de Caballería, the oldest and most noble order of horsemanship in Spain since 1485. In that year, the Catholic King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella won Ronda back from the Moors and ended over seven centuries of Islamic rule. Construction of the bullring started in 1779 and finished in 1785.

In Ronda, both Hemmingway and Orsen Wells have streets named after them. Orsen Wells is buried on a matador’s estate near Ronda. A great writer and a great director both attracted to the metaphysical aspects of bullfighting. Both Hemmingway and Wells must be set in the context of their times, to realize that the attraction was more about the struggles of life and death. Both men made their livelihoods from stylizing and romanticizing the world. Both men had larger-than-life personas that required a mystique and flamboyance to pull it all off.

What do the blood sacrifices of humanity tell us about ourselves? As humanity speeds toward the abyss of climate disaster on our homeworld, it feels like we never really got far from the caves. We put on lipstick, wigs, and fancy clothes but underneath we waited for the bloody show to start.

Off of the coast of Spain, on Gibraltar, the Neanderthals made their last stand. Hunted down by our human ancestors. We know how it ended – death in the afternoon.

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